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Carol Gebhardt Memorial

Are you a graduating senior or current college Freshman , Sophomore or Junior majoring in any area of the Performing Arts?
If so, then you qualify to apply for Mesa Encore Theatre’s Annual Scholarship. 

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About Carol Gebhardt

(in the words of MET lifetime member Janet Pastuszka)

“Carol started with MET (then Mesa Little Theatre) back in the early 80’s. Over the course of well over 30 years she held every position on the board except for Treasurer. In productions she did do EVERYTHING over the years, directed, produced, props, set build, lighting, you name it, she did it (in some productions when there were very few volunteers it was literally EVERYTHING). MET would not exist today without her — back in the early 90’s when there was a very real danger of going black forever she refused to let it die and with the help of a few others saw that it did survive. She was with MET in the old MAC — which probably very few remember (it was an experience worth every second — primitive compared to what you have today examples -men and women to share the same small dressing room. actors having to be heard over noisy air conditioning, warped stage floor (one of the last productions was Noises Off — try doing that set change under those conditions – no easy feat — I was there as stage manager so I was anxious to see how it was done this time — your 30 seconds compared to our 20 minutes or more back then), no sound state of the art sound or light system. Then there was the season between when the old MAC closed and the new opened that we had to struggle to find a venue or go black. We found a home that season at EVIT (another experience you would not believe — having to strike the set after each Sunday matinee and put back up again before the next Friday evening). She saw the dream of performing in the new art center. She was a beautiful, talented, caring woman who gave her heart and soul to Mesa Little Theatre (and in 2000 when it became Mesa Encore Theatre – again her inspiration — a new name for a new millennium as she put it) and I’m just sorry that you all didn’t get a chance to know and work with her. She was (and still is loved) by those who knew and worked with her for all those years.

So send up a word of thanks to her up in heaven, because without her MET would not even exist today.”