Auditions for specific shows are announced approximately 3 months before the run of the show starts. We announce auditions for specific show here on our website, on our FaceBook Page and on

Information about a specific audition is not available before the announcement is made.

Here are our current open auditions:

Audition Notice:

Legally Blonde – The Musical

Auditions: Monday July 16 & Tuesday July 17, 2018. 7pm – 10pm

Call Backs: Thursday July 19, 2019 7pm – 10pm

First reading: Sunday, July 22nd 4pm – 7pm

Audition Notice:
Jesus Hopped the A Train

Laundry and Bourbon takes place on the back porch of Roy and Elizabeth’s home in Maynard, Texas, where old friends Elizabeth, Hattie, and Amy Lee sip on bourbon, fold laundry, and gossip. Lone Star finds Roy, his brother, Ray, and Cletis out back behind Maynard’s only bar, Angel’s, swigging Lone Star and reminiscing.

Elizabeth (22-35): Strong, sensuous woman. Intelligent and full of grit. Would be capable of handling most men other than Roy, her husband. Therein lies the attraction. A woman devoid of self-pity. A forthright person who would call your bluff.

Hattie (22-35): A woman whose bluff needs calling. Blowsy, brassy, used to getting her own way. Mother, wife, talker. Has an adage for every occasion. Anything that has gone wrong in her life is Vernon’s fault. Vernon is her husband.

Amy Lee (22-35): Bright, sassy, spoiled. Baptist to the teeth. Given to gossip. Life revolves around the country club. An old enemy of Hattie’s. Social climber who married Cletis for his “status” as manager of his father’s hardware store.

Roy (22-35): Lean, tough, handsome, former high school hero, Viet Nam Vet. Loves his wife, his country, and his 1959 pink Thunderbird. He has been much more faithful to that Thunderbird than he ever has to Elizabeth.

Ray (22-35): Roy’s younger brother. Large, not the brightest, but sincere and earnest. Loves and looks up to his brother but is worried about Roy since he came back from the war. Is keeping a potentially earth-shattering secret.

Cletis (22-35): Ray’s friend. Marginally more successful than the brothers, he runs his father’s hardware store; and is run by Amy Lee. Aspires to be Roy, or at least the Roy Roy was in high school.

Auditions are Tuesday June 19th, 7pm to 10pm
at the MET at 933 Black Box

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Some stage combat experience a plus.