Waiting Room

The Waiting Room by Lisa Loomer



 Playing February 3 to February 19 at the Mesa Encore Theatre Black Box at:

933 E Main St, Mesa AZ 85203
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A dark, biting comedy about the lengths women have gone to in the name of being attractive to men, from footbinding in China to wearing corsets in Victorian England to modern day boob-jobs in America. Three women find themselves in a hellish waiting room to be treated by a modern doctor. Far from being a one-sided tirade, the play examines the complexity of modern medicine, chasing beauty ideals, and imbalanced male/female relationships.

Victoria is a repressed, tightly corseted woman whose doctor husband is making her remove her uterus and ovaries as a treatment for hysteria. She meets Forgiveness From Heaven, an 18th century Chinese first wife who had her feet bound by her mother when she was a child, before being sold into marriage.
Loomer’s black humor shines through in this exchange between them:

FORGIVENESS: When I was a little girl, my husband liked my feet so much, I never left the bedroom.

Not knowing how to respond but being steeped in manners.

VICTORIA: Well children need rest.

Also in the waiting room is Wanda Kozynski, a modern day Jersey girl who’s being seen for three botched boob jobs. She has watched too much Marilyn Monroe, and has little concept of what it will be like to deal with something as life-altering as cancer. The three women try to navigate through their respective worlds, coming together in the end to support one another in their time of need.

A brilliant, multifaceted script, The Waiting Room comes to life at Mesa Encore Theatre in its intimate Black Box setting. Director Ilana Lydia has a strong metatheatrical background, and is using one part feminist theory, one part Viewpoints, and one part “sheer cussedness” (to borrow a slander aimed at Victoria) to stage the piece.

Please note that the content of The Waiting Room is challenging and not appropriate for all ages.

Directed by Ilana Lydia

Stage Manager: Juliet Wilkins
Lighting: Harrison Hayes
Sound: Jessica Holt and Ilana Lydia
Costuming: Allison Bauer
Props: Devon Mahon
Producer and TD: Jason K. Walz

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