Auditions for Mad Gravity


by William Missouri Downs

Directed By Eric Schoen

Mad Gravity is a zany, fast-paced farce that takes place in Eudora & Archie’s living room, where they’ve built a theatre. Our audience is actually their audience, so there’s a wee bit of audience interaction, but it’s totally benevolent and fun. There’s also romance, dadaism, drinking, slap fights, Shakespeare, and a giant asteroid (or is it a meteor?) that’s headed to the earth, about to destroy all life.


5 actors – 3 female, 2 male

Dakota – a teenager in love

Eudora & Archie, a couple, of similar age  Eudora – Dakota’s mother, an upbeat, bubbly Epicurean Archie – Dakota’s father, an outgoing performance artist

Mary & Dr. Joe, a couple, of similar age  Mary – an unadventurous professional mother  Dr. Joe – a dentist who dreams of a life in the theatre

Please familiarize yourself with the play before auditions. Most of it can be read for free on (You may have to create an account to read it, but that’s free, too.) Please bring a headshot and resume to the audition, and please prepare a 1-minute comic monologue.

M.E.T at 933 – Black Box
933 E. Main St., Mesa, AZ 85203

Saturday, December 9th, noon

About the director: Eric Schoen has been directing shows in the valley for the last several years at Desert Foothills Theatre, PVCC, and Class 6 Theatre. He was most recently in a staged reading with The Bridge Initiative.

Please use the calendar below to schedule your audition.

Feb 2 – 18

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